Tuesday, April 7, 2009

as I work on my Vanuatu writeup ...

I should note that my travelling companion Ransom has put together an extensive blog post on the topic for his employer, Mental Floss, along with posting a collection of pictures to Flickr.

While I'm linking to Ransom-related awesomeness, let me also include a link to his latest film, a motion-capture animated short about nanotechnology that is ludicrously more entertaining than that brief description might sound. It's been "going viral", and just hovering under 500,000 views; help him break over that magic number, or at least watch it and enjoy yourself for six minutes.

And while I'm linking to YouTube related things, I must definitely link to the work done by my film collective, Hybrid, on our entry in Cadbury's Unleash the Goo competition. I was only up for one day of shooting, but that was the day we shot exploding creme eggs at 3000+ fps (for non-film people: that's very, very slow, like 100 times slower than normal speed), so it was a pretty awesome day to be a part of; the final product is even more awesome than I expected from that day, will only take 59 seconds of your life to watch (plus load time), and can be seen here.

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