Thursday, March 19, 2009

Awesomecation Postcard #2: Brisbane International Airport

Radiohead and latte machines are in the background and I am on the Internet. This is suddenly alien, because three nights ago I was in the outback, kinda. Chillagoe is an awesome place at the edge of nowhere with caves, an abandoned smelter, no Internet, lots of kangaroos (they get everywhere, even infesting the graveyard - to quote Mitch Hedberg, cutest infestation ever), and generally about as much outback feel as you can get without renting a 4x4 and doing river crossings.

In about an hour my plane for Vanuatu boards, and I'll be heading to Louganville, in Espiritu Santo. It's a diving hub, and our first 2-3 days will be spent diving. The grail is an old wreck called the USS Coolidge, but it remains unclear how much of it we'll be able to see with our limited experience. But there are numerous other dive sites, both wrecks and reefs, and the notable Million Dollar Point, home of thousands of kilos of weapons and machinery dumped into the sea after WWII.

Apparently there are a few Internet cafes in Louganville, and even more in Port Vila. Whether they operate at anything resembling a reasonable rate remains to be seen. Wow, that's a lot of r's in a row. It's really early. Breakfast time!

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Anonymous said...

Doug, hoping that Vanuatu is not affected by the Tongan earthquake this morning and any tsunamis that might have resulted. Stay safe, you.