Sunday, March 15, 2009

Awesomecation Virtual Postcard #1: Cape Tribulation, Australia.

Hello from the incredibly inaccurately named Cape Tribulation, resting in the shadows of Mt. Sorrow. I can only assume that James Cook had some bad news from his girlfriend or some such when he landed here, because this place is awesome, crocodiles, poisonous spiders, and all.

A rough thumbnail of what I've done since I got here:

WEDNESDAY: Arrived in Cairns. Got picked up by Randy. Hit a beach, discovered a local barman who directed us to a swimming hole under a waterfall. We found, we swam. Ate dinner. Slept early.

THURSDAY: Had a leisurely morning in Cairns. Checked out indoor zoo, saw lovely fatal things from behind plexiglass and the like. Headed up the coast, stopped at Barron Falls, a very seasonal falls that was very active. Can't wait to show you the pictuures. Made it to Port Douglas in the afternoon, checked in, leisurely evening around town. Ate kangaroo. It was kind of like gamey beef. Probably won't have it again.

FRIDAY: Scuba diving day 1! On Opal Reef (boat was Calypso). Visibility wasn't ideal as a cyclone passed nearby not too long ago, but was still THE GREAT BARRIER REEF, and full of heaps of amazing coral, iridescent fishes of many sizes, small nudibranches, and just general overwhelmingness.

SATURDAY: Scuba diving day 2! On Agincourt Reef this time, and a completely great day of diving. Helped to have a day to get comfortable under water, but then we saw so many special things: a sea turtle quietly feeding, a giant Maori wrasse, sharks, clownfish ... on and on. And I did my first drift dive ever. Fantastic day.

SUNDAY: Drive up Queensland to Cape Tribulation, deep in the rainforest. Stopped at the Discovery Centre along the way (unnecessary and overpriced; avoid). Did much more interesting bush walks, a crocodile-hunting river cruise (saw one at a distance, but the mangroves were worth price of admission) made our way to our paradiscal lodging at the Cape Tribulation Farmstay, and headed up to Emmagen Creek, a beautiful stunning freshwater swimming hole refreshingly free of deadly things.

MONDAY: Tropical fruit breakfast. Walk along the beach. Find $50 in the sand. Go back to Emmagen Creek, take pictures, snorkel, find fresh water turtle. Head back down, go to special tropical fruit tasting thing which is surprisingly AWESOME. Then to internet cafe/bar and here I am.

Hope you all are awesome.

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