Monday, February 16, 2009


It is easy to be awesome when everything is going well, it is more difficult when it is not. A trivial statement, but a true one.

Of late, there have been several bursts of non-awesomeness, none of which individually are too big of a deal but cumulatively have been a wee bit overwhelming.

On top of this is a question about at what point indulging in awesomeness becomes non-awesome strictly by its volume.

I hit that point about two weeks ago, basically, and have been a bit wiped since then. Again: mind follows body.

One thing that I have learned clearly is that I am not going to make it through the Year of the Awesome - or any year, really - without my friends. I feel fortunate and grateful and neglectful all at once, and am looking at integrating my friends into this project in various, hopefully non-intrusive and fully voluntary ways. For now, I shall just say thank you.

Another thing I neglected to share here was one iron-clad, definitively awesome moment, which was staring the stage with Robert Scott of the Bats and the Clean. I wrote about this for the Nonalignment Pact a little while back, and you can read it here.

There is much awesomeness afoot. I am writing this on the plane to Auckland, where I am going to have my first pre-production meeting for the feature film, and also where I am going to see David Byrne for the first time. Next week is Iron Maiden. The week after that, I take the stage with two bands to play full sets for the first time since 2003, which is a matter of perennial excitement, and then after that a week drive to Wellington (via either Stewart Island or Marlborough Sound - debate which is more awesome in the comments, please), then rocket to Auckland to fly to Australia for a week and Vanuatu for two.

Then, finally, home, and with it: moving back in, starting another job, and most importantly, beginning pre-production on the feature in earnest.

So I am not surprised that with the upcoming onslaught, my body has pre-emptively gone into self-protection mode. But my scatteredness has also meant I've been making mistakes, neglecting things.

So, for now, I am refocusing, getting my act back together, and this, I think, will be crucial for the upcoming awesomeness.

More soon. I promise.

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