Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tomahawk, Dunedin, NZ
np: Guided By Voices, "Alright".

scratching the surface of what is up, most of which I've probably mentioned or alluded to here:

- DARK DAYS IN MONKEY CITY, the show that I have been in Dunedin to work on the last 4 months, goes to air tonight (Tuesday February 24th) at 10 pm in the States. (No idea of international dates.) Credit-spotters, you won't see my name for a couple weeks yet (I came in late, and start getting credited on ep 5), but you'll get to meet our cast of monkey characters, hear the dulcet narration of John Rhys-Davies, and tell me what you think of it.

- Speaking of that TV show, we locked picture on the final episode today. It's mostly all over but the shouting now; my last day is Friday.

- Also on Friday: my proud return to the stage after 5 1/2 years (not counting that one song last month). My two new bands are saying hello as I say goodbye, at Chicks Hotel in Port Chalmers (just outside of Dunedin). Gelatinous Bleary Vampires have the same initials as Guided By Voices, whose songs they will be playing; I'll be drumming mostly, but also bassing, guitaring, and singing at various points. (Yes, I know bassing and guitaring aren't words.) Meanwhile, The New New Randoms (UK) carry on my improvisational-music side; we'll be playing some loosely structured tunes in varying styles, from ominous and drony to spastic and dancy to just kind of goofy.

- In the past two weeks, I have been back to Auckland twice. The tickets were originally purchased for the purposes of seeing David Byrne and Iron Maiden, respectively, both of which put on fantastic shows, which I still hope to write about at some point. It's also worked out as a great opportunity to refine my feature script with my producers and pass it out to the crew, and we're moving forward to shoot the feature in August. Go DIY filmmaking!

- Of course, there's a limited amount I'll achieve until I get back to Auckland; in the interim, I'll be travelling through NZ (a friend's birthday in Christchurch; a couple days chilling out in Akaroa; a possible scuba trip in Marlborough Sound; jazz fest in Wellington; and a night in New Plymouth), then heading to Australia and Vanuatu.

- And also, per my mother's suggestion, I'm going to try to get some random woman knocked up in the next month, as apparently it would be awesome for me to have a kid this year, and I'm running out of time.


- There's probably more. But do you know what is awesome, as I've mentioned before?


So here it comes, and goodnight to you.

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