Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NEVER NOT AWESOME #1: The Big Picture

An ongoing series of articles about that which I guarantee will be, quite simply, never not awesome.

The idea is simple: several times a week, The Boston Globe's Big Picture is updated with an entry collecting pictures on a certain theme.

The reasons it is awesome:
1. The photography is presented in a large format, so you can really see it in its glory.
2. There are about 30 photos on each page, so you get a wide variety of images.
3. The site veers between the significant political issues of the day, more generalized topics that are less focused on an immediate news hook but still significant, celebratory images of festivals and holidays, and the otherwise unclassifiable item of interest. Some days, you'll be horrified; other days, you'll be grinning like a little kid; still other times, you'll go back and forth in the same entry.
4. Almost always, the work of many different photographers is featured, so you get many different eyes on the same topic.
5. Inevitably, there is at least one image that you are convinced is the best photograph you've ever seen.

Some links to examples, which I'm not posting here because I don't want to shrink down the pictures:
The China Lantern Festival (My personal "Holy Crap" picture, henceforth referred to as HCP: #12)
Sailing, around the world (HCP: #24)
Bolivia and its new constitution (HCP: #25)
La Princesse in Liverpool (HCP: #6, but really the whole concept is pretty HC)
Bushfires in Victoria, Australia (HCP: #25)
Scenes from Indonesia (HCP: #8)
African Immigration to Europe (HCP: #34)

And that's just recent stuff. Comb through the archive and you'll be continually stunned, dazed by beauty, moved to tears.

You will be experiencing awesome.

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