Thursday, January 1, 2009


Raglan, NZ
01 Jan, 12:56 AM
np: The Dodos, VISITER

The Year of the Awesome has started auspiciously here in Raglan, where my friend/flatmate/partner in crime Alastair's mother is hosting, him, me, my flatmate/Al's girlfriend Nicole, and some other fine folks. As 2008 dwindled to an end, things looked decidedly non-awesome, thanks to a lack of sleep, a sunburn, and general malaise, including a complete inability to find a mutually satisfying soundtrack for the evening. With an hour to go, however, a soundtrack change to the evening (a compilation of lounge singers - Dean, Frank, Sammy, etc.) boosted the mood, as did strawberries and misc. snacks. The New Year in Raglan was seen in with fireworks, our own soundtrack of Debbie Harry cueing us in. I experimented with the new camera, taking many unusable shots but a few reasonably awesome ones, I believe. A boost of energy, a bit of spontaneous dance invention, quick texts to a few friends and a chat with our absent flatmate Alessandra (seeing the fireworks in Auckland), and then everything chilled out reasonably quickly. Fun without intensive destruction of sleep patterns is, for me, awesome. Probably a sign of being old, but anyway.

The weather turned pissy once the fireworks ended, and hopefully it will clear up tomorrow. Al and I intend to properly inaugurate the New Year by paragliding, but we'll have to wait til the morning to see if that's plausible. In the interim, I will let "Fools" by the Dodos play out, then attempt to sleep with my decidedly horrific sunburn on my shoulders, a last painful lingering reminder of the horrible year of 2008 as I enter the Year of the Awesome.

posted late because of no wi-fi connection in Raglan, or at least none that I felt like looking for.

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