Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dunedin, NZ
18 Jan, 11:52 PM
np: Superchunk, INDOOR LIVING

You know what's awesome, possibly the most satisfying moment for a screenwriter?

Typing the words "THE END."

You know what's more awesome?

Typing them two weeks ahead of schedule!

Feeling very, very excited, nervous, scared. I've written some scenes that I'm scared to direct (and that will definitely not be comfortable viewing). These may change/morph as the rewrite process kicks in.

But mostly feeling awesome.

And I finished Season 3 of THE SHIELD this weekend! And saw butterflies! And took some awesome pictures! (Will have to share later - still on my camera, and it is Late.)

Anyway, will try to have more writings about thoughts on awesome this week - my writing energies have been directed elsewhere, as you can probably guess ... but also going to finally go watch a movie at some point, something I haven't yet done in 2009. (I actually watched the first 90 minutes of A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE the other night, but went to bed. A whole season of THE SHIELD is a lot of watching, though, to be fair.)

okay, to bed, if I can stop jumping around and celebrating and singing along to Superchunk. Which is unlikely.

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