Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Awesome Goal.

I have a long list of goals, actually, which I'll post about individually over the next couple weeks. But I'm going to call most of them "Aims". Because the truth is, apart from the general "Make the Year as Awesome as possible", I have one specific goal that is important enough that all the other goals are secondary.


I have been talking about this for an embarrassingly long time. Thirteen years if it's a day. I have come precariously close to actually doing it, once or twice, but not following through, for various reasons. Various non-awesome reasons.

This being the Year of the Awesome, it is time to change that.

My first milestone is to complete my first draft by the end of January. I'm currently on page 25. This is very doable, apart from one basic challenge: the fact that it stays light til 10 pm in Dunedin at the moment and the outside world beckons, with all of its awesomeness.

But investing in writing time now means much more awesomeness later, and I will get heaps of sun in Australia and Vanuatu, and the truth is if I'm disciplined about it that deadline should be easy, as I already have a pretty detailed outline.

Nonetheless: any awesome strategies you have for self-discipline are welcomed.


nicole said...

its working!!! discovery channel's new tag line "this year will be awesome!"


dd said...

BOLT also has awesome in its tagline. I'm trying to decide if this makes me want to see it more or less.