Thursday, January 1, 2009


Raglan, NZ
02 Jan, 12:26 AM
np: Radiohead, OK COMPUTER

Spending two hours with Alastair going through over 1000 trip photos, deciding which are awesome, putting them in a iPhoto album and sharing them with Al's mum: awesome.

iPhoto crashing and losing track of what we put in the album before Nicole could see it and before we tweaked all the photos = decidedly NON-AWESOME.

In point of fact, I am completely sick of iPhoto, and if anyone can offer an alternative Mac photo browser that imports existing iPhoto albums, this would greatly increase the amount of awesome in my computing life, particularly as I intend to spend a lot more time playing with photos in 2009, both because of my new camera (a Canon D40, my first digital SLR) and because I'm starting to think of awesome things to do with some of my pictures.

Regardless, there is no way that iPhoto can negate the awesomeness of a day in which I paraglided for the first time.

again, posted belatedly from Auckland because I couldn't be bothered finding a wi-fi spot in Raglan.

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